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The ARM series are designed for the busy clinician who cannot take time off from their routine work and attend a 3 to 6 months fellowship program. The Adult Cardiac CT program will be especially useful for:
• New practitioners who want to start reporting CTCA studies
• Imagers who want to improve their CTCA reporting skills
• Experienced imagers who want to refresh their knowledge on optimisation of CTCA scans and reporting of CTCA studies
• Young imagers who want to explore the field of cardiac imaging
• Imagers wanting to test themselves and develop a structured reporting pattern

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What you are going to learn

  • Various technical parameters of MDCT to get good quality CT coronary angiography (CTCA).
  • Steps to reduce radiation exposure in CTCA examinations.
  • Utility of coronary calcium score in day to day practice and how to calculate it.
  • Recognise coronary artery anomalies and their clinical significance.
  • Systematic assessment of coronary artery stenosis and its quantification.
  • Recognise vulnerable plaques and chronic total occlusions.
  • How to assess bypass grafts and coronary artery stents on CTCA.
  • Structured reporting of CTCA.
  • Review and report extra coronary abnormalities of the heart and the lungs commonly seen on CTCA

Course description

Radiology technician/technologist/radiographer is a medical personnel who performs imaging examinations (X ray, CT, MRI) of the patients for the purpose of diagnosis. A career in radiology technician offers a great future, job stability, good salary and a opportunity to travel. This field is rapidly expanding in India and abroad and is expected to grow faster than all other occupations in the coming years. With continued growth in diagnostic imaging services more and more hospital are investing in radiology equipment’s and are looking to recruit talented and qualified technologists. There are clear career progression paths in this field with sub-specialisation in MR and CT technology possible.

  • This is a one year training program conducted by Medempower
  • The curriculum is based on the ‘Model Curriculum’ devised by the National Skill Development Council (NSDC).
  • The course will constitute class based, lab based and hospital based training.
  • There will be a significant focus on improving the soft skills, computer knowledge of the candidates, to enhance their employability in the industry.

Why Join the Course

  • ‘First of its kind’ program in the country with industry collaboration with university.
  • Excellent job prospects for radiology technicians.
  • Focussed training to ensure employability.
  • Training delivered by industry experts in the field of diagnostic imaging.
  • Excellent internship opportunities in leading government and corporate hospitals in South India.
  • Course approved by National Skill Development Council.
  • Annamalai University one of the top 70 universities in India

Tha Faculty

  • Faculty includes experts from the industry and experienced staff from AU. Renowned industry experts from the field of diagnostic imaging will ensure job focussed training with exposure to high end technology.
  • Training will be provided in an interactive manner with engaging course material. Group discussion, problem solving and collaborative teaching methods will be employed
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  • A laptop or desktop computer (phone will not suffice)
  • Google meet software (free) with a webcam and audio set up in your computer
  • Radiant (Windows) or Horos/Osirix (Mac) softwares for image viewing (Will be provided).
  • Up to 2 Gb of data space in your system
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