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Significant newer advances in technology are having a great impact on imaging and diagnosis. It is impossible for a busy imager to stay updated with all these nuances. There is also an increasing demand for highly detailed and specialized MRI reports when it comes to complex pathologies. Therefore, it is very important for radiologists and clinicians to be up-to-date. Neuroimaging is a core component of any radiology practice and training. You need to clearly understand neuro-anatomy, the specific MRI sequences used in different clinical scenarios, and also need to have a standard approach when interpreting the complex MRI studies. This unique course is specially designed for practicing general radiologists and radiology residents who want to get a deeper understanding of Neuro MRI and become experts in reporting these studies. Other clinical trainees will also benefit from this course by improving their understanding of MRI and its interpretation.

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How this course helps general radiologists?

Lack of a structured approach to Neuroimaging can lead to lot of confusion.While reporting MR brain studies you may get a lot of doubts which will reduce your accuracy forcing you to give a long list of differentials, which may not be helpful in the patient management. In your busy schedule it is a major hurdle to clarify these doubts as ‘Google’ often gives too much of unwanted information in this scenario. The ARM is a series of courses designed to address these specific issues. This course is a structured, comprehensive and fully online training program designed for the busy clinician who wants to learn and improve his/her skills in the comfort of their home. This is a hands-on course, focused on developing practical clinical skills while working in a multi-disciplinary team. There will be direct learning from the faculty followed by individual case reviews and self-reporting of real-life cases. Dedicated time is provided to address individual queries and to discuss clinical importance of radiological findings.

Course Duration

  • 12 hours of live interactive learning (divided over 6 days) including 2 hrs of assessment module.
  • 30 hours of supervised reporting and learning.

Course Outline

  • Imaging anatomy of brain
  • Basic and advanced sequences used in Neuroimaging
  • Approach to Neuroimaging
  • Imaging in Stroke (both ischemic and hemorrhagic)
  • Imaging in White matter pathologies (from non specific causes to different types of demyelination, vasculitis )
  • Imaging in Neuro-infections
  • Imaging in Gliomas and other CNS neoplasms (Pre & Post operative imaging)
  • Imaging in Neurodegenerative, Trauma and Metabolic conditions

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Radiology residents who want to learn structured approach to Neuroimaging
  • Young radiologists who want to specialize in Neuroimaging but cannot take up dedicated fellowship programs
  • Practicing clinicians who want to strengthen their concepts, clear their doubts and update themselves on advances of Neuroimaging
  • Doctors who want to explore the field of Neuroimaging and see these studies on a daily basis


We are proud to have Dr. Shivakanth, as the chief faculty for this course. Dr. Shivakanth is a Consultant Radiologist with Narayana Health city (NH) Bangalore, India. He is a passionate teacher and has the ability to simplify most complex concepts so it can be easily understood. He has the distinction of working and being trained by some of stalwarts of neuroimaging in India. His lectures in national and international conferences are very well received due to his systematic approach and clarity of thoughts.


  • A laptop or desktop computer (phone will not suffice)
  • The laptop/Computer should have webcam and audio transmission facility
  • Image viewing software and links will be provided

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the training delivered? This is a fully online training program. There will be direct learning from the faculty in a webinar followed by individual case reviews. Delegates will be provided with study material real-life cases on which they will have to work and report on their own time.

Can I attend using a phone? A laptop or a personal computer is recommended as image viewing and interpretation will be better.

Will I be provided some learning material? ARM series is built on a strong Learning Management System (LMS). After you enrol for the course, you will be given access to the LMS where you will find regular course material for self-learning and practice.

Do I need to pay for any software? There will be no separate charge for any software or the Learning Management System (LMS).

I have an Apple Mac computer, is that ok? Both Windows and Apple Mac computers can be used for the ARM series.

Is this a certified course?  Yes, on successful completion of the course material and the final assessment, the delegate will be issued a certification.

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