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Further to the success of our Chest CT and Adult Cardiac CT ARM, we are proud to announce our next course on Adult Cardiac MRI beginning January 2021.These are carefully planned programs aimed at busy doctors who are unable to go for an extended fellowship program. This program on Cardiac MR is case-based with free access to high-end Cardiac MR software for all delegates. This is a one-month online course

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What you are going to learn

  • Cardiac Viability
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • Infiltrative cardiomyopathy
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy including ARVC
  • Myocarditis including Sarcoid/TB/COVID
  • Functional Analysis and Quantification
  • T1 and T2 mapping
  • Cardiac MRI Technique

Course description

The May course is fully booked!!!

Now taking bookings for the July 2o21 course.

Please email radiologymasterclass@medempower.in for more details.

Please note: This is a one-month online course.

The unique model of the ARM has been the reason for its success. Each masterclass is for one month and has multiple modules, which contain:

  1. Exclusive high-quality video tutorials by our renowned faculty
  2. Focussed reading material relevant to the topic
  3. Interactive live online discussion (5 sessions) with the faculty where each delegate has to present the case and report it.
  4. Access to dicom data of 32 well worked up cases for learning and reporting practice.
  5. Access to dedicated software for reporting of cases. Pie Medical Imaging- CAAS MR software for Cardiac MRI ARM.
  6. Intuitive learning platform where all your course material is kept with recordings of the interactive sessions.
  7. Practical course for people who want to start reporting CMR or improve their interpretation skills (Beginners and intermediates).

Course Duration

This course runs over a month and consists of

10 hours of live learning (5 sessions over the month on a weekday evening)
20 hours of supervised reporting and learning

Who should attend?

This series is designed for the busy clinician who cannot take time off from their routine work and attend a 3 to 6 months fellowship program. The Cardiac MRI program will be especially useful for:

  • New practitioners who want to start reporting CMR studies
  • Imagers who want to improve their CMR reporting skills
  • Experienced imagers who want to refresh their knowledge on optimisation of CMR scans and reporting of CMR studies
  • Young imagers who want to explore the field of cardiac imaging
  • Imagers wanting to test themselves and develop a structured reporting pattern


Medempower is happy to have Dr (Major) Vimal Raj as the course director.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the training delivered? This is a structured, comprehensive and fully online training program designed for the busy imager who wants to learn and improve his/her skills in the comfort of their home. This is a hands-on course, focussed on developing practical clinical skills. There will be direct learning from the faculty in a webinar followed by individual case reviews. Delegates will be provided with study material real-life cases on which they will have to work and report on their own time.

Can I attend using a phone? A windows based laptop or a personal computer is essential. Software for scan interpretation will be provided.

Will I be provided with some learning material? ARM series is built on a strong Learning Management System (LMS). After you enrol for the course, you will be given access to the LMS where you will find regular course material for self-learning and practice.

Do I need to pay for any software? There will be no separate charge for any software or the Learning Management System (LMS).

I have an Apple Mac computer, is that ok? The CAAS- MR solution works best with a Windows system, so this is preferred. If you have an Apple Mac computer then you will need to configure it to run a Windows system either using Bootcamp or other commercially available software.

What software will be used? CAAS- MR a pioneer product from PIE Medical Imaging will be used for viewing images. Web-based LMS will also be used. There will be no additional cost for any of these platforms.

Is this a certified course? This course is being conducted under the supervision of Dr (Major) Vimal Raj. On successful completion of the course material and the final assessment, the delegate will be issued a certification.

Will there be an exam or assessment? Yes, there will be periodic assessments conducted to ensure a thorough understanding of the concepts and continued learning. Do not worry, these will not be a pass or fail kind of test. These will instead help the faculty in channelling the sessions.

When will the classes be conducted? There will be a total of 5 live sessions for 2 hours each. Most of these will be conducted on a pre-determined weekday (once every week) evening between 7-9 pm. Some classes can be scheduled on a Sunday as per the convenience of the study group.

What if I cannot join for one class? Attendance for all classes is necessary. If due to unavoidable situation, you are not able to attend one of the sessions the recording of this session will be available for you to go through in the LMS.

Who will be the faculty? High-quality learning is our prime aim. To achieve this, we have chosen the best trainers in the industry and designed the program to make it highly effective. The details of the faculty who will be delivering the training can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Will I have access to course training material after the end of the course? The course material and the LMS access will be maintained for 3 months from the date of the start of the course. Delegates can review the course material as many times as they wish during this period.

What if I am unable to follow the instructions or have specific doubts? The ARM series is designed in a unique manner to ensure everyone can learn and follow the instructions. All individual doubts can be raised during the interactive sessions and through the LMS platform and the faculty will be able to resolve these.

Is this course recognised by MCI or similar organisation? No, the medical council of India and those of other states do not recognize online courses.

How will I be able to access the course material?  After the joining formalities are over, you will be provided with the login information to the LMS. All the course material will be available in the LMS.

I live outside India; can I take the course? This is a completely online course and hence, there are no geographical restrictions for people to join. However, please look out for time difference between India and your city for the live sessions. Please note there will be an extra charge for students joining from outside India.

What if I do not pass the assessment? You can retake the assessment until you pass. There are no limits to the attempts you can take.

How many candidates do you take per course? Individual learning with constant interaction are the main points that ARM focusses on. This is only achievable by restricting the number of attendees. Each batch will take a maximum of 15 students.

I did not get a slot in this months program! The ARM series is a very popular course and the slots do finish quickly. If you did not get a slot in this months program we can assure you a slot in the next batch. Please contact radiologymasterclass@medempower.in for further details.

What happens if I am not able to connect to the session or LMS for the course material? We have designed all our systems in such a way that it will be very easy to join in and the internet bandwidth requirement will also not be heavy. We also have a dedicated team who will be able to provide you with technical support.


Windows PC/ Laptop is a must to use the cardiac MR software


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